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Petite Meller “Backpack” Marlin Remix from Natalie Neal on Vimeo.

French songstress Petite Meller’s “Backpack” gets remixed by Marlin, where dance beats and airy vocals are set to a kaleidoscopic landscape to match.
First-time music video director Natalie Neal captures Petite Meller’s fantasy world - filled with bubble baths, jeweled tiaras, cigarettes and tea.

Directed by Natalie Neal
Producers/ Koko Ntuen, Natalie Neal
Director of Photography/ Tennille Olsen
Second Unit DP/ Chris Duce
Wardrobe Stylist to Petite/ Ashley Pamela Miller
Hair Stylist/ Elisa Hoppenstedt
Make-up Artist/ Yasuko Shapiro
Production Assistant/ Joshua Cobos
Special Thanks/ Ladygunn TV

Shae Smolik
Milly Bradshaw
Krischelle Delgado